The Egg

This is the idea-business modeling-strategy stage. You have an idea to change the world. All the potential energy is locked in. Let’s figure out how to give it a chance in the cold, cruel world.

What We’ll Do

Depending on how much you’ve already flushed out, we can bounce ideas off the wall. We can also generate various business models that will enable you to visualize how the entire corporate machine will work. Do you need partners? What’s the revenue hit? How will customer acquisition happen? Who do you need in operations? What’s your hook? We’ll also move towards business strategies. Competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, messaging and pitch development. The end result: a brand and a plan.

How Long It Will Take

Approximately two weeks.

Ideally, we tackle this with a series of interviews and three group sessions. I’ll interview several of your key team members, formulate an agenda and proctor a model discussion. The second meeting will hone in on the strategy and attempt to establish the plan. You’ll also go through a customer empathy profile. And our last group session will include a mapped out plan, likely for a 3-6 month launch effort and a scalable budget.

From here, you’re certainly free to take this plan and never touch it, hire it for others. No hard feelings. Even after this stage, I’ll feel pretty good about your chances.

Or for a more hands-on implementation built around the strategy we’ve built, we move to the Caterpillar stage.