The Chrysalis

This is where much of the transformational magic happens – completely in the background. This stage is about setting the finely-tuned marketing machinery in preparation for launch. No one will ever see its value unless they love seeing the seamlessness of a end-to-end marketing operation.

What We’ll Do

We’ll hook up all the pipes: social media, marketing automation, conversion and web analytics, re-targeting programs, drip programs, onboarding, newsletters, 3rd-party sponsorships, CRM and lead scoring, and a basic path for content pushes. We’ll coordinate with your development team, PR, sales, etc. – anyone that needs to be involved as part of the inbound and outbound stream. This baby is gonna hatch and when it does, we want a birthday party.

How Long It Will Take

The complexity of the effort is the sole determiner for the length of time. Customarily, it can be two months of hashing and connecting. But if you have an impending launch window, we can supplement some of the effort with a managed approach (i.e. we farm out certain areas).