The Caterpillar

When a caterpillar is born all it does is eat, poop, and molt – non-stop. Sure, it crawls a bit, but only to find its next meal. This stage is all about collection of insight, research, and content and assembling the marketing closet.

What We’ll Do

We start to pull together the tools needed for every digital marketing effort: website, analytics, message distribution points (email, social, ads), message distribution and lead nurturing tools (marketing automation, social management tools). And most important: content. We’ll be stocking up an armory for a content cyclone for the next six months. That includes blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, infographics, how-to tips, interesting research, link bait, datasheets, case studies, customer stories, slide presentations, even humor pieces.

How Long It Will Take

Unfortunately, I can’t say exactly. It depends on your company and what you already have in place. It takes a month to put up a decent website – no matter how many people are involved. To get the basic marketing-to-sales infrastructure up, it can take about a week. We will have to identify what’s in the plan and how much we want to tackle.