The Butterfly

There’s an exciting moment when you hear the crack of the chrysalis. It happens much faster than you anticipate. But when the butterfly emerges, it floods its wings with blood and becomes a majestic sight to behold. It’s also looking to both feed and fly.

What We’ll Do

With all points around a launch, we’ll set the campaign machine on a low flame (increasing as budget and conversions are optimized), monitor the analytics, make course corrections, tune the machinery, update the messaging, try out new channels, and grow and expand investment in key performing areas. We’ll officially be in full-bore campaign mode and that includes an onslaught of content pushing, tweeting, sharing, ad-buying, lead nurturing and awareness building.

How Long It Will Take

This is it. We can continue to engage and tweak campaigns or – at this point – I’m happy to turn the keys over and train a full-time campaign team on what we’ve been doing. The goal is not for me to sit with you until your 401k kicks in. The goal is to get you flying. I imagine I’ll have a profound love and appreciation for your business, but like the Lone Ranger, I need to help others, too.

If you want, I’m happy to come in quarterly to help assess and debug or just shoot new ideas if you’re stagnant. But we’ve set up the machinery and it’s up to you to stay in the air.