Marketing for Software

This ubiquitous bio page begins in Hong Kong where I was born and likely was infused by the rapid-fire, negotiation culture that is the DNA of that capitalist mecca. It then flows into Northern California where I grew up to develop a sense of honesty and heartland values (hard work, take things less seriously, enjoy sunny days). And where I am today, in the smartest, most advanced place on Earth – the Silicon Valley, I have made a career of marketing and technical communication of everything from wireless networks to optoelectronics to slot machines to anti-virus to BI to CRM to SaaS/PaaS to digital media advertising to physics-based mechanical design software.

We’re in business to make the world better in some way and in turn establish value for ourselves. At least, that’s how it should be. Even blessed with talent and/or technology, neither is the end-all to a thriving business. It takes even the most basic “marketing” to entice people to your doorstep. (“Marketing” is in quotes because for reasons probably deserved, it can be a derogatory term).

But today, marketing is a set of interwoven tools and buzzwords and metrics that require the uninitiated to go and build a marketing department, procure a box of tech, or hire several agencies. If you’re just starting out or if you’re introducing a new line of business, that is simply too much risk.

Marketing automation and a CRM won’t define your processes.

Tweeting the hell out of the universe doesn’t maintain a spark.

It’s all just a part of the circuitry.

NONE of it ensures that your strategy will execute according to the needs and goals of your vision and business model. Let’s think differently, do differently, and win the way you’re suppose to.

I am a strategy consultant, and I bring ideas to market.