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Marketing Is Sales En Masse

Most companies separate the sales team from marketing. Operationally, it is okay to do so, particularly since most salespeople have big, big egos and most marketing people would rather not deal with both the individual minutiae of a customer relationship or the hounding pressure of sales quotas. But today’s web-based world is changing this dynamic […]

Signal-to-Noise: TMI Can Screw You and the Pooch

In marketing directly to engineers, I’ve learned that data is key. The more data, the better. Engineers want to know the specifications, not the manifestations. In fact, most skip the marketing blurbs and go right to the datasheets where tables of features can be quickly skimmed and scrutinized. For everyone else, however, less information is […]

Using Web Meetings for Usability Testing

Football coaches and players pour over game and practice film to learn how their plays are working. Software developers can do the same and with the magic of the interweb, you can do so without having to sit onsite with your customer. First, identify a good customer candidate. Someone who is friendly and trusts you […]