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4 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire a Web Designer or Developer

The days of spending lavishly on your first/second/tenth website are doomed. For a host of reasons, it doesn’t make sense. It’s like buying a factory before you have seed money or your first customers. If you’re in the early stages of growing your business or even your idea, save your marketing spend for experimentation and business […]

How Adobe Could Take Over Design (Again)

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is an ecosystem waiting to rain on everyone. Designers (and pigeonholing them into a single group is already tantamount to imprisoning them in Abu Ghraib) are a notoriously cliquish bunch who have a guttural reaction to  LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. where their 7AM lattes come back up their throats. Pinterest (for inspiration) and Deviantart […]

Killing Your Darlings

The picture above is of our street during Santa Clara’s annual cleanup week where residents have the opportunity to chuck all their once good ideas. Software, unlike a material product, has the ability to linger. It’s a strange phenomenon if you think about it. Software is a piece of intellectual property rather than an actual […]

The Five-Tool Marketer for Software Startups

In baseball, the rare athlete is called a five-tool player. This is the guy who can (1) hit for power, (2) hit for average, (3) plays great defense, (4) can throw the ball with speed and accuracy, and (5) has speed. When you have that guy on the field, things just seem to go well. Some of […]

If Marketing Were Software

Software is essentially a manifestation of some manual process in hopes that it can automate some small piece of information management (unless we’re talking about software for design or related purposes). Marketing, in much the same way, is a type of information management, with the explicit goal to get information in the hands of a […]